Pleats please

Leather jacket: £299, Jigsaw (mine is old but this link is for the new version). Cashmere jumper: Gap (old).  Skirt: £24.99, H&M. Trainers: £140, Northern Cobbler. Bag: £145, LK Bennett. Sunglasses: £98 including prescription lenses, Bailey Nelson. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell.

If I’m not in a pair of jeans, chances are I’ll be wearing my other sartorial go-to: a pleated skirt.

I just love the ease of a pleated skirt and although this skirt doesn’t seem, on first glance, like it would fit with my style (it’s pretty much neon), it has been one of my favourite items in my wardrobe right now.

It’s really light but it covers enough of my (pastier by the day) legs that it also works in those surprisingly cooler spring temperatures. Wear with a cashmere jumper and biker jacket now, or with a logo tee and sandals come summer.

Plus pink is the colour of everything on my wishlist now. Must. Stop.

The biker jacket was something I took a punt on a few years ago, they do a similar style every year. I was never a leather jacket kind of girl but I must admit to wearing it more and more, and this one gets better with age.

These pictures were from our Paris trip last week, in the Pigalle area near our hotel (Amour). We fell in love with the area: loads of cafes, bars and cool shops to wander around, which came in handy as it rained for a lot of our trip! I’d really recommend the area, but don’t book the small rooms in the hotel unless you’re really used to living on top of each other and especially not if you have clothes you’d like to hang up – there are no wardrobes, it is literally just a bed and a shower! However, for a few nights and a great location: it’s worth it.

Leather jacket: £299, Jigsaw (mine is old but this link is for the new version).  Skirt: £24.99, H&M. Trainers: £140, Northern Cobbler. Bag: £145, LK Bennett.


  1. I’m looking for a red pleated skirt, similar in length to the pink one you are wearing. Any ideas on where I can get one?
    I’m late to this trend but I think its a good one for the summer!

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