Renovation Update: Study

There is so much I want to talk about in this blogpost! This room has been over 10 months in the making - and has been a real labour of love, and so much more expensive than we ever imagined..
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In The Navy

Navy has always been my favourite colour - it's just so chic. However, I've never really been bold enough to use too much of it in our home interiors. Before now, that is.
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Interiors update: living room

Sofa: £350 in the sale, Habitat.  It’s funny, we’ve lived in our flat so long now and were just ‘making do’ with the existing style, I had almost assumed our living room was finished. Until it actually was. And we feel so liberated. I’m not saying we did a complete…
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Art Junkie

The fab staircase in J Crew, Regent Street. Photo by Erica Davies I’m a believer that an house unfilled with Art is a lonely house. But it doesn’t have to be orignal Damien Hirst to be cool, there are so many fab brands out there selling affordable pieces or stores…
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Interiors: Hallway

It’s been a while since most of you last saw my hallway. It has been 5 years since we moved into this flat, and we have only just decorated our hall for the first time. Seriously.  When we moved in, we could just afford the mortgage, no extra ‘thrills’ as…
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Tropical Interiors

Images: Pinterest It’s that time of year when the weather is heating up (or supposed to be), and my lack of outside space (read: none) makes me dream of tropical spaces and rooms filled with foliage, bringing the outside in. Obviously, I love a cactus as much as the next…
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Interiors: Linen sheets

Bed linen set (including pillow cases), £97, Soak & Sleep. Grey washed pillowcase (underneath): £8 each, Habitat. Ticking stripe cushion: £8, Ikea. Enamel monogram mug: £14.75, Sophie Victoria Joy at Etsy  Bedding is an expensive habit, isn’t it?! So irritating that we need it every single night… I’ve only recently succumbed to…
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