Thinking pink

Not that any of you were in any doubt that pink has been the colour of the season already...I've been obsessing about all things pink: trainers, coats, cosy knits and even interiors.
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New year, big bag

Well I do love a cliche...and not least Fashion Blogger with a teeny tiny bag. Mainly because I am too cheap to spend money on the larger size of bags and I am just drawn to those cute, mini camera cross-body bags.
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Time to Unwind

Perhaps it's because a warm, bubbly hot bath sounds like just about heaven right now, or because calling 7 different numbers just to sort one tiny thing in our new house is starting to wear us down, but I've been thinking a lot about unwinding, relaxing and taking time to…
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Layer me softly

I must admit, this is pretty much the first time since Christmas day I've actually worn anything without an elasticated waist. M&S cashmere track pants were my holiday friend, and I couldn't completely give up the comfort clothes for my first outfit post of 2017.
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Velvet crush

I may have photographed it early, but this is what I'll be wearing this Christmas, exactly this. Well, maybe with a pair of sheepskin slippers.
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