Monday, 30 March 2015

How to wear white jeans, now

Trench: Gestuz. Cashmere jumper: Gap (Uniqlo do great cotton cashmere crew-necks for under £20, here). Watch: Timex. Jeans: MiH Jeans. Bag: Debenhams. Boots: Free People. Photograph: Ella Sadika

Spring seemed to have come and then disappeared again...but this hasn't stopped me from buying almost all of my spring/summer wardrobe. Wearing these white jeans makes me feel like Spring has sprung even when it hasn't - and by teaming it with a pair of ankle boots and a coat, I don't feel so silly against all the tourists in puffa coats and woolly hats.

Oversized cashmere is now my staple in life, and it looks so good with any form of denim. For Spring, I'll be stocking up on Uniqlo's cotton/cashmere crew-necks (£19.90, people!). These photos were taken outside The Grain Store in King's Cross - one of my favourite restaurants for healthy, gluten-free foods - after the success of my top brunch spots I'll be doing a round-up of healthy restaurants soon!

The start of spring means only one thing: stacked up jewellery. Wearing: AB Hand-made, Astley Clarke, QVC and the chunky one is Susan Caplan's affordable range for Urban Outfitters, £12.

So along with my gladiator sandals, far too many peasant tops than is necessary and a Melissa Odabash bikini (an investment which was a long time coming), I'm ready for summer. What have you been buying to get ready for spring?

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Investment Buy: Louis Vuitton 'Neverfull'

Image from Pinterest
Don't worry - I'm not convincing you to buy a bag that costs £1,000! Well, I kind of am but thanks to my new Vestiaire Collective discovery that there are literally loads to buy for around the £400 mark, I feel I am one step closer to one day actually owning one.
My husband thinks they're a 'bit tacky' - but after discussing it (at length) with my fashion friends, we all concur that there is still something quite fabulous about one. And it will last you forever, not to mention carry all your wares (even your packed lunch whilst you're paying for the bag!).

Louis Vuitton 'Neverfull' bag, from £405, Vestiaire Collective

Here's how to get the most out of the 'Neverfull'...

1. Relaxed shirt, £69, Mint Velvet

2. 'Doyle' glasses, £98, Bailey Nelson

3. Lip colour in 'Blackberry', £19.50, Bobbi Brown

4. 'La Vie en Rose' notebook, £13, Sloane Stationery at Very Exclusive

5. Gold-plated bracelet, £120, Alex Monroe

6. Suede heels, £79, Dune London

7. Waterproof black mascara, £12, Lord & Berry at Very Exclusive

8. Faux leather culottes, £35, Topshop

1. Gold-plated stainless steel watch, £135, Shore Projects

2. Nail polish in 'Tidal', £5, Topshop

3. Duster coat, £75, Oasis

4. Cashmere jumper, £145, Iris & Ink at The Outnet

5. Lip colour in 'Hot Pepper', £8.99, Bourjois at Feel Unique

6. Denim flares, £40, Topshop

7. 'Redchurch' kitten heel boots, £40, Asos

1. Beach Day texturising spray, £21, Unite

2. Folk top, £45, Next

3. Straw hat, £9.99, H&M

4. Sunglasses, £35, Le Specs

5. Denim shorts, £30, River Island

6. Leather sandals, £110, Ancient Greek Sandals

7. Nail polish in 'Bleu Majorelle', £19, YSL at House of Fraser

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Wardrobe Basic: Marks & Spencer leather skinnies

Coat: Topshop. Bag: Debenhams. Jumper: Marques'Almeida x Topshop. Leather trousers: £99, Marks & Spencer. Shoes: £45, Next
So today's post was going to be about white jeans but I realised that we're still pretty much in winter and instead I'm dedicating today's post to Marks & Spencer's ponte leather leggings, for under £100. 

Leather leggings, £99, Marks & Spencer

They're fabric at the back, but this is a good thing in my opinion as it means they keep their shape - they're the most useful piece in my wardrobe and now spring is peeking round the corner it's the perfect opportunity to wear them with this season's lace-up shoe and even a loose t-shirt (although I'm still in my oversized knit). Mine are now coming up to their second birthday and they've outlived pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

Watch this space with M&S, too, as they have also done an affordable leather culotte for S/S - join the queue, people!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The problem about sleep...

Pillow Spray, £25, This Works at Very Exclusive
Maybe it's because I'm in my thirties now, or perhaps it's just because we all live such fast-paced lives these days, I just can't seem to get enough sleep. I wake up tired and go to bed tired.

I look forward to the day I can lay around in my pyjamas and relax - and then it never happens.

If we're being honest, I actually suffer from a sleep disorder. I think a lot of people do and go through life undiagnosed. I have suffered from night terrors and sleep disruption, funnily enough, ever since I started working and stress became apparent. Most nights, I never actually fall into a deep sleep. My GP is not really helpful as it's considered psychological and a therapist is just not something I can afford at £80 an hour.

Instead? I'm doing what I can by myself, slowly. Leaving full-time employment was a step towards this. Stress affects most of us in different ways but is something that can really take over. I've put a few pointers below of what I am doing everyday to help relieve stress, anxiety to lead towards a good night's sleep. Hope they might help other people having similar problems!

  • Downloading the Headpace App - Red Magazine are recommending everyone does 10 minutes meditation a day - it helps your mind focus, relaxes you and helps destress. There are also sites like Yoga Glo and Gaiam Tv where you can do yoga and relaxation classes online.
  • Taking a lunchbreak. Now I'm out on appointments more, I can't make my lunch, but I make sure I eat somewhere I can sit down and gather my thoughts, rather than grab and go. It's a little treat I really appreciate myself, too!
  • Not work on weekends. This is something, since starting my blog, I've never done - I've always had to work pretty much 7 days. Sometimes, I do have to work weekends, so where I can, I'll take a day off in the week and not feel guilty about it. I must admit, this one is definitely a work in progress - setting yourself up freelance involves being 'all in' but I am slowly teaching myself to let go...
  • Making my sleep space work for me. I don't have particularly noisy neighbours, but London living means I hear other people and I go to sleep with anxiety of the 'anticipation' of noise. Our loft conversion will be completed in just a few weeks, and we're hoping to move up there, free from noise and keeping it clutter-free and somewhere I can associate with relaxation.
Do you ever suffer from stress and anxiety? How do you overcome it?

Monday, 23 March 2015

Postcards from Marrakech

A friend's favourite quote is 'find a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life'...and when I'm working in an idyllic place like this, I do have to take stock and think - 'okay life's not that bad'. I was styling a shoot in Marrakech for 2 days - it was swimwear so luckily for me, we needed sun. It wasn't my first time in Morocco but with all the different Riads and so much to explore, it always feels like new.
Wearing shirt: £14.99, H&M. Dungarees: £14.99, H&M. Sunglasses: £35, Le Specs. Sandals: £59, Birkenstock

We stayed at Hotel Fellah - ultra cool hip vibe - but be warned, the service is very, very relaxed...

Bag from the local Souks, Sunglasses: Le Specs. Bikini: Melissa Odabash at Simply Beach

Furry Birkenstock sandals, £59, Asos
Verso travel kit 
Sunglasses: £35, Le Specs
Jumpsuit: £15, Primark. Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals
Hotel decor 
Nails: YSL 'Marjorelle Bleu'

Denim shorts: River Island. Top: New Look. Suncream: Susanne Kaufmann. Watch: Shore projects. Sunglasses: Le Specs. Phone cover: Etsy

Dress, Zara. Sandals: Birkenstock

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lace-up sandals (the affordable versions)

Caroline Winberg in my latest shoot for Red Magazine (wearing Ancient Greek sandals), photographed by David Gubert
The hero piece of the summer - it will transform the basic shirt dress, make a simple cheesecloth dress look like a runway look and be your holiday/minibreak go-to. But who are doing the best High Street versions? 
S/S 15 Chloe (

Tan leather sandals, £30, Next
Sandals, £19.99, Mango
Leather sandals, £24, Next
Leather sandals, £39, Topshop

Thursday, 19 March 2015

A comfy heel...?

Coat: £100, Asos. Shirt: £40, Atterley Road (available here in red or buy similar from Zara here). Jeans: MiH jeans (buy similar wash here). Shoes: £120, Seven boot Lane. Bag: £81, Atterley Road
So they're not technically heels - but they give a little lift whilst still feeling flat - that's a yes in my books. The recent glimpses of sun has been a welcome opportunity to show off a bit of ankle - I've been buying a few sandals lately to will spring along.

I must admit, I was never quite into the oversized flatform trend before, it was all a bit too 'Camden' for me. But a tailored wedge or slight espadrille 'lift' I can do...

On my new stairs for my's almost done! Leather leggings, £99, Marks & Spencer
Leather wedges, £60, Next
Espadrilles, £17.99, New Look
Me wearing the Grenson 'Emily' shoes to London fashion Week in 2013...proving they're a good investment

Bag: £81, Atterley Road

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