Different stripes

It feels weird, somehow, to go back to my regular posts. Suddenly I'm talking about fashion again.... So I thought I'd ease myself in gently and do a bit of a classic 'me' style post - all about stripes.
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Bag lady

Actually, this post isn't about my bag at all (although that's nice too). It's about another sort of bag: the paper bag waist.
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Workwear (my way)

Despite being able to wear pretty much anything to work (sequin skirt and trainers? Yes. T-shirt jeans and Converse? Yep), I still always look to a more smarter approach to workwear.
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Toughen up

Coat-wise: there's a new mood. Don't get me wrong, I love a good oversized coat as much as the next person but now spring is coming (sartorially speaking, of course) it's time to think about new shapes.
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The ‘It’s Not Too Late’ Gift Guide

As someone who has mainly done her Christmas shopping online, I still haven't finished the last few bits and bobs - sometimes you just need to look in some shops - and hope to do it this week. So in honour of all things last minute, here are a few…
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Cashmere: tried and tested

Cashmere jumper: £129, Boden. Jeans: £29.99, H&M. Watch: £125, Skagen. Photographs: Christopher O’Donnell Cashmere: we all love it. It’s my go-to wardrobe saviour when it comes to winter hibernation (don’t get me started on the M&S cashmere joggers), especially when working from home. My last cashmere post was highly received so thought I’d do…
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9 A/W trends to try now

Blouse: £28, Next. Denim skirt: £36, Urban Outfitters. Belt: £8, Asos. Suede chain strap bag: £99, Marks & Spencer. Trainers: £50, Converse at Very Exclusive. Photograph: Christopher O’Donnell Are you finding this transition into A/W as hard as me? Especially with this hot spell, it’s impossible to really commit. So I’ve compiled an edit of the things I’ve…
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A touch of leopard print

T-shirt: $78, RE/DONE. Dungarees: H&M (old but buy similar from Topshop here). Sunglasses: £23.99, Vision Direct. Bag: J Crew (old but buy similar here). Shoes: £47.60 in the sale, Boden. Photograph: Christopher O’Donnell What’s my failsafe fashion look? I’d say denim, stripes and a splash of leopard print. For me, it never goes out of style and can pull together any…
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The Pursuit of Happiness

Chris: Shirt: H&M. Jeans: Uniqlo. Shoes: Office. Alex: Shirt: Margaret Howell. Dress: H&M (old but buy similar in navy here). Shoes: H&M. Photographs: Eva K Salvi  Happiness. We all look for it in our day to day lives. But sometimes with work, life, the daily routine we forget to seek…
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